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Introduction to Beamsplitters

Beamsplitters do exactly what their name implies: split incident light beams.

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Selecting the Right Beamsplitter

Continuing from where Part I: X-Y Setup ends, learn how to add a Z-axis to an existing X-Y configuration to achieve three degrees of freedom.

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Beam Combining for Increased Power

When measuring minuscule particles, many advanced Life Science applications require more power than one laser produces.

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Important Concepts for Selecting Optical Component Mounts

Edmund Optics offers a variety of kinematic, bar-type, translating, ring, and modular mounting components.

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Polarization Overview - Part 1: Polarization Basics

Polarizers are optical components designed to filter, modify, or analyze the various polarization states of light.

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Polarizers Review

Polarizers are used in a wide range of imaging and research and development applications.

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Removing Protective Plastic Coating

A protective plastic coating protects a variety of our flat optics, such as optical windows, optical mirrors, and beamsplitters, from scratches during shipping.

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