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UV Pencil Lamp Field Packs

UV Pencil Lamp Field Packs

  • Lightweight, 9V Battery Powered UV Pencil Lamps
  • Interchangeable 254nm and 365nm Lamps
  • Ideal for Spectral Calibration in Spectroscopy Applications

UV Pencil Lamp Field Packs are lightweight, battery powered devices that are capable of outputting shortwave and longwave UV light. Each device ships with two interchangeable lamps, one with 254nm output and the other 365nm. These devices are powered by a 9V alkaline battery and ship with a battery already installed. UV Pencil Lamp Field Packs are ideal for use as spectral calibration devices in chromatography, photometry, and spectroscopy applications.

Technical Information

UV PENCIL LAMP Field packs
Lighted Length (mm) Overall Length  (mm) Quartz Diameter (mm) Handle Diameter (mm)
25.4 43.5 39.5 12.7/12.5
E-Series Kinematic Circular Optical Mounts