TE-Cooled 350 – 1050nm Fluorescence Spectrometers

  • Thermoelectric (TE) Cooled for Low Dark Noise and High Stability
  • Compact, High Throughput, and High Resolution
  • Wide Spectral Response Range from UV to NIR
  • Includes Spectral Data Acquisition and Analysis Software

TE-Cooled 350 – 1050nm Fluorescence Spectrometers feature low dark noise and a compact crossed Czerny-Turner optical bench design. TE cooling to 14°C ensures long-term operation stability and enables long integration times without signal saturation. Signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range are improved by 4X when compared to similar design non-TE cooled models. Spectral data acquisition and analysis software is included; features include peak analysis, experiment setup, timeline monitoring, spectral math and processing. The TE-Cooled 350 – 1050nm Fluorescence Spectrometer is ideal for low light level detection and long-term monitoring in fluorescence, absorbance, reflectance, and transmittance applications.

#86-406 is specifically configured with a wide 100μm slit and cylindrical lens making it ideal for low light level fluorescence applications and broadband spectrum analysis. An integrated Linear Variable Filter (LVF) is included to eliminate second order interference.