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Superpolished Substrates

TECHSPEC® Superpolished Substrates

TECHSPEC® Superpolished Substrates

  • Superpolished on Both Surfaces with ≤1Å RMS Surface Roughness
  • Low Scatter Surfaces Ideal for UV or High Power Laser Applications
  • UV Fused Silica Substrates with Polished Bevels and Edges
  • In-House Manufacturing Enables Custom Sizes and Shapes from 6 to 76.2mm and Surface Roughness <0.5Å

TECHSPEC® Superpolished Substrates are superpolished on both surfaces to achieve superior surface specifications, including ≤1Å RMS surface roughness. The superpolished surfaces of these windows reduce scatter, making them ideal for UV or high power laser applications where scatter is a concern. The low scatter of these windows also allows for their use as substrates for ion-beam sputtering (IBS) coatings. TECHSPEC Superpolished Substrates are used in metrology applications including cavity-ring down spectroscopy, scatterometry, and in ring laser gyroscopes, as well as in UV medical applications such as eye surgery. Please contact us if your application requires a Superpolished Substrate with a custom size, if you are interested in custom coating opportunities, or to discuss how these low scatter substrates will affect your coated optic performance. Single side superpolishing is also available.

Superpolished Optics for Minimized Scatter

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