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Standard In-Line Cube Beamsplitters

  • Significantly Reduces Glare and Interference
  • 30/70 Reflection/Transmission Ratio
  • Ideal for In-Line Illumination
  • Standard Cube Beamsplitters Also Available

TECHSPEC® Standard In-Line Cube Beamsplitters are specialized versions of TECHSPEC® Standard Cube Beamsplitters that include a proprietary surface treatment on one surface. This feature reduces glare, interference artifacts, and improves image contrast. These standard cube beamsplitters are ideal for in-line illumination applications, and are particularly useful in a wide range of applications that are sensitive to ghost reflections. TECHSPEC® Standard In-Line Cube Beamsplitters feature an interference coating applied to the hypotenuse of one of the prisms to provide the designated reflection/transmission ratio. Absorption loss to the coating is minimal.

Note:  Output is partially polarized, making TECHSPEC® Standard In-Line Cube Beamsplitters suitable for illumination and other applications where polarization is not a concern. If polarization sensitivity is critical to your application, we recommend using TECHSPEC® Polarizing Beamsplitters or TECHSPEC® Non-Polarizing Beamsplitters.