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Spectrolight Mighty Light Illuminators

Spectrolight ML | Mighty Light

  • White Light Source with up to 2 Watts of Output Power
  • Compact 124.0 x 72.6 x 67.8mm Size
  • Accessories for Coupling or Wavelength Tuning Available

The Spectrolight Mighty Light Illuminator is a compact, tungsten-halogen white light source operated at a color temperature of 2900K to provide output from 350 - 2500nm. This illuminator can produce up to 2 Watts of output with low output noise (±0.5%) due to an integrated control board. Multiple accessories are available that allow for the Mighty Light to easily be fiber coupled, homogenized and collimated, coupled to a Flexible Wavelength Selector to create a custom monochromatic output, or coupled directly to a microscope. The Spectrolight Mighty Light Illuminator is ideal for use in fluorescence microscopy, spectroscopy, machine vision, and spectral imaging applications.

Note: A 0.55NA light guide is recommended for use with the light guide adapter (15-587), which can accomodate light guides up to 15mm in diameter. A 0.37NA fiber is recommended for use with the fiber adapter (15-586).