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ScopeLED™ Fiber Optic Illuminators

  • Full Intensity and Strobe Control
  • Versions for Fine White Light or Color Tuning
  • Postmounted Option is Boom Stand Compatible and Ideal for Microscopy

ScopeLED™ Fiber Optic Illuminators are ideal for applications ranging from microscopy to machine vision. These user-friendly illuminators feature strobe and intensity control and optional color or white light tuning. Additionally, ScopeLED™ Fiber Optic Illuminators are available in a benchtop version and a postmount option for Boom Stand compatibility. The mixed RGB version is fully color tunable to match the application’s requirements and the white light tunable option can be set to a color temperature of choice. External triggering and full computer control (through the included USB connection) allow a number of strobing sequences to be stored in the user customized option on the control knob. Full intensity, flux and color data is available. All ScopeLED™ Fiber Optic Illuminators have a universal nosepiece to accept fiber optic light guides.

Technical Information

Tunable White ScopeLED Fiber Optic Illuminators
Setting Radiant Flux Luminous Flux
2700K 2311mW 593 lm
3000K 2407mW 624 lm
3600K 3466mW 921 lm
4300K 4287mW 1159 lm
5600K 3228mW 930 lm
6500K 3146mW 895 lm

Tunable RGB ScopeLED Fiber Optic Illuminators
Setting Radiant Flux Luminous Flux
3000K 2415mW 604 lm
4300K 2290mW 575 lm
5600K 2294mW 556 lm
Red (635nm) 1477mW 243 lm
Green (521nm) 788mW 360 lm
Blue (465nm) 1579mW 99 lm