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Schmidt Prisms

  • Ray Deviation of 45°
  • Right Handed Image
  • 5 Arcsecond Roof Angle Tolerance
  • Combine with Half-Penta Prism to Create Schmidt-Pechan Prism

Schmidt prisms are ideal for creating a right handed image with a ray deviation of 45°. They are similar in function to TECHSPEC® Amici Roof Prisms, however the 45° deviation makes Schmidt prisms especially useful in eyepiece assemblies and imaging systems requiring a path bend. The aluminized roof surfaces enhance the overall efficiency while the 5arcsecond roof angle tolerance increases the prism’s resolution. TECHSPEC® Schmidt Prisms can be combined with TECHSPEC® Half-Penta Prisms to create a Pechan prism.

Schmidt Prism Tunnel Diagram
Schmidt Prism Tunnel Diagram