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Quick Start Optical Mounts

  • Common 5” (127mm) Optical Axis Heights for Easy System Integration
  • Optical Mounts and Pedestal Posts Bundled with 5% Discounted Price
  • Ideal for Setting Up New Benchtop Optical Systems

Quick Start Optical Mounts are designed with a common 5” (127mm) optical axis height from the lab table surface, combining all necessary mounting hardware for easy system integration. With Quick Start Optical Mounts designed for a wide variety of optical components, complex systems and experiments can be easily arranged without the need for extensive optical axis adjustment. Quick Start Optical Mounts are ideal for quickly and conveniently setting up new benchtop optical systems with essential Edmund Optics mounts like the E-Series Kinematic Optical Mirror Mounts, TECHSPEC Kinematic Optical Mirror Mounts, Compact Mirror & Lens Mounts, and Optic Component Mounts.