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Prism Kit

  • Includes Our Most Popular Prisms
  • Ideal for Optical Laboratories
  • Note: Potential change of packaging

Prisms are extremely useful optical components for refracting, reflecting, reverting, and inverting images. This kit includes our most popular sized prisms in a number of configurations, and is an ideal kit for any optical laboratory, R&D facility, or integration firm. Prism types include wedge, rhomboid, dove, Schmidt, penta, right angle, corner cube retroreflector,littrow, and equilateral.

Note: Due to supply chain issues, our kits may be delivered with an alternative packaging solution in place of a wooden box. For any questions, please contact kits@edmundoptics.com.

Technical Information

Component Quantity Stock No.
Wedge Prism- 25mm Diameter, 2 Deg. 1 #43-651
Wedge Prism- 25mm Diameter, 6 Deg. 1 #45-556
Wedge Prism- 25mm Diameter, 10 Deg. 1 #45-557
Rhomboid Prism- 20mm 1 #47-214
Dove Prism - 25mm 1 #45-403
Schmidt Prism - 25mm Aluminized 1 #47-260
Penta Prism- 25mm 1 #42-779
Right Angle Prism - 25mm Uncoated 1 #32-336
Right Angle Prism- 25mm Aluminized 1 #32-337
Equilateral Prism - 25mm 1 #47-277
Littrow Prism - 22mm 1 #43-673
Corner Cube - 25.4mm Uncoated 1 #43-297
Corner Cube - 25.4mm Silver Coated 1 #45-187