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Nikon CFI Super Fluor Objectives

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  • Superior UV Transmission
  • High Numerical Aperture Designs
  • Feature Low Auto-Fluorescence Materials

Nikon CFI Super Fluor Objectives are designed to provide superior transmission to ultraviolet applications operating down to 340nm, including for use with fluorochromes indo-1, fura-2, and fluo-3, or for photo-activation of caged compounds. Nikon CFI Super Fluor Objectives are designed using low auto-fluorescence materials along with high numerical apertures to guarantee sharp, bright fluorescence images. These microscope objectives have been optimized for improved signal-to-noise ratios at short wavelengths.

Technical Information

Dimensions (mm)
Stock No. Magnification Parafocal Length
#88-374 4X 60.06 30.0 44.4 19.7 M25 x 0.75
#88-375 10X 60.06 32.0 58.7 8.0 M25 x 0.75
#88-376 20X 60.06 33.5 58.9 9.0 M25 x 0.75
#88-377 40X 60.06 33.0 59.6 7.5 M25 x 0.75