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Model 5000 Stand-Alone Controller for Compact Motorized Stages

  • For Use With Compact Motorized Stages
  • RS-232/Network Link Control Option
  • Step Motion Feature for Moving in Specific Steps during Total Travel
  • Jog and Rapid Rate Selection; Choose Between Nine Separate Speed Levels
  • Move Absolute/Relative Function for Precise Positioning and Displacement
  • Home Key
  • Set Forward/Reverse Limit Positions
  • Backlash Compensation Entry
  • Store/Recall up to 100 Different Positions
  • Looping Feature for Continuous Running of Programs
  • Cancel Key for Emergency Stopping of Automated Positioning

The Model 5000 controller offers end-users improved functionality and design with its easy-to-use colorcodedkeypad interface, “All-Node” control from any node, and “Out-of-the-Box” position control. The controller comes ready for immediate plug and play setup with no programming knowledge required. Speed and acceleration can be modified to exact values for each stage. For simple calibration entry, charts are included in the appendix of the manual to calibrate resolution for specific stages. Store and recall features allow up to 100 positions to be stored. The Model 5000 can be configured for both linear and rotary stages with a variety of corresponding units. Measurement reference key allows measurement from specific positions on the order of microns and arc seconds. Each controller operates only a single stage, however the controller can be utilized as a part of a linked network or as an isolated unit. Up to 99 controllers can be connected into the network and each controller has the ability to address any stage in the network or all of the stages simultaneously. Each unit includes RS-232 serial port, 3 ft motor extension cable, and a wall-mount power supply (110V AC). RS-232/Network Link Control Option allows the RS-232 connection to be used for serial commands and also to load prewritten programs; includes controller and Network Link Cable Package. Cable Package includes RS-232 cable and all needed cables to link 2 controllers for commands.

Technical Information

Sample Commands
Command Function
Jog Move/Jog Stage (while pressed)
Jog Rate Adjust Jog Rate
Move Absolute Move Position
Rel Relative Move of Specified Distance
Store Store Position in Memory
Recall Move to a Specific Memory Position
Set 0 Set Current Position to 0

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