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MMS® Imaging Lenses

  • Available for Infinity Corrected Objectives
  • Designed for OEM Integration
  • Focusable with Adjustable Iris
  • Requires a Front Objective and Rear Lens Assembly

Designed for flexible integration, our Modular Magnification System (MMS®) imaging lenses feature an adjustable iris and fine focus that can be locked in place. A complete system requires a front objective and rear lens assembly. A variety of both components are available and can be interchanged to produce different magnification/working distance combinations. Nominal working distances of 67mm, 91mm, 116mm or 141mm are available, with resolutions as high as 114 lp/mm. The ±8mm of focus adjustment allows for a range of fields of view and working distances with one set of components. Depending on components chosen, distortion as low as 0.13% can be achieved using a 2/3" format sensor. When used with a smaller sensor, even lower distortion values can be reached.


  • Available in a Variety of Options
  • Flexibility and Cost Savings
  • Front Objective Kit Includes Objectives 7, 9, 10 and 11
  • Rear Assembly Kit Includes Rear Objectives R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4, R-200, R-5 and R-6

A complete system requires a front objective and rear lens assembly. The Front Objective Kit includes: Obj-7, Obj-9, Obj-10 and Obj-11. The Rear Assembly Kit includes: R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4, R-200, R-5 and R-6.

MVO® MMS® In-Line Attachment

  • Compatible with Entire Line of MMS® Lenses
  • Provides Even Illumination Across the Field of View

This in-line attachment has been specifically designed for our MVO® MMS® Lenses. It is equipped with C-Mount threads so that it can be inserted in between the rear assembly and the front objective to create a complete in-line system. Focus adjustment allows for optimum coverage for each objective. Light guides and illuminators available separately.

MMS® to Mitutoyo Adapter for Infinity Corrected Objectives

  • Higher Magnification Range than MMS® Front Objectives
  • Recommended for M Plan Apo 2X to 10X Mitutoyo Objectives

The MMS® to Mitutoyo Adapter increases the flexibility of our MMS® modular system. Easily integrated, it simply attaches to the selected MMS® Rear Assembly before connecting the desired Mitutoyo objective (M26 x 36 TPI). Adapter extends the MMS® magnification range from 0.5X-4.0X to 0.75X-16.5X. The high magnification and diffraction limited performance of the Mitutoyo objectives coupled with the MMS® Rear Assemblies allows for more working distance (WD) and field of view (FOV) combinations. Note that the MMS® to Mitutoyo Adapter can only be used with infinity corrected objectives (Compact and Telecentric Mitutoyo objectives will not work). The adapter only adds 12.4mm to the length of the system (not including the objective).

Using this adapter, the MMS® In-Line Attachment can also be added for illumination with the Mitutoyo objectives. Note that vignetting may occur as iris closes due to the objective aperture.

Technical Information

Rear Assembly Dimensions
Stock No. A B C D
#55-905 64.3mm 8.3mm 13.3mm 16.5mm
#55-906 74.3mm 23.4mm 8.2mm 11.4mm
#55-907 80.9mm 25.1mm 13.1mm 16.2mm
#55-908 102.8mm 37.9mm 22.3mm 25.5mm
#58-442 113.5mm 43.0mm 27.9nm 30.9mm
#55-909 114.9mm 59.2mm 13.1mm 16.2mm
#55-910 135.2mm 67.0mm 25.6mm 28.7mm
Front Objective Attachments   Rear Assemblies
#55-901: OBJ-7: 67mm nominal WD PMAG 1.0X 1.3X 1.6X 2.3X 2.67X 3.0X 4.0X
FOV ½" Sensor 6.40mm 4.92mm 4.00mm 2.78mm 2.40mm 2.13mm 1.60mm
FOV 2/3" Sensor 8.80mm 6.76mm 5.50mm 3.82mm 3.30mm 2.92mm 2.20mm
Obj. Res. 36.0 lp/mm 57.0 lp/mm 64.0 lp/mm 80.6 lp/mm 90.5 lp/mm 90.5 lp/mm 114.0 lp/mm
#55-902: OBJ-9: 91mm nominal WD PMAG 0.75X 1.0X 1.25X 1.75X 2.0X 2.2X 3.0X
FOV ½" Sensor 8.53mm 6.40mm 5.12mm 3.66mm 3.20mm 2.91mm 2.13mm
FOV 2/3" Sensor 11.72mm 8.80mm 7.04mm 5.03mm 4.40mm 4.00mm 2.92mm
Obj. Res. 28.5 lp/mm 40.3 lp/mm 50.8 lp/mm 57.0 lp/mm 64.0 lp/mm 64.0 lp/mm 80.6 lp/mm
#55-903: OBJ-10: 116mm nominal WD PMAG 0.6X 0.8X 1.0X 1.4X 1.4X 1.75X 2.4X
FOV ½" Sensor 10.67mm 8.00mm 6.40mm 4.57mm 4.00mm 3.66mm 2.67mm
FOV 2/3" Sensor 14.67mm 11.00mm 8.80mm 6.28mm 5.50mm 5.03mm 3.67mm
Obj. Res. 25.4 lp/mm 32.0 lp/mm 36.0 lp/mm 45.3 lp/mm 57.0 lp/mm 57.0 lp/mm 64.0 lp/mm
#55-904: OBJ-11: 141mm nominal WD PMAG 0.5X 0.7X 0.8X 1.1X 1.33X 1.5X 2.0X
FOV ½" Sensor 12.80mm 9.14mm 8.00mm 5.82mm 4.80mm 4.27mm 3.20mm
FOV 2/3" Sensor 17.60mm 12.56mm 11.00mm 8.00m 6.60mm 5.87mm 4.40mm
Obj. Res. 20.2 lp/mm 28.5 lp/mm 32.0 lp/mm 36.0 lp/mm 50.8 lp/mm 50.8 lp/mm 50.8 lp/mm
Rear Assembly Stock No. Mitutoyo Objectives
2X (34mm WD) 5X (34mm WD) 10X (33.5mm WD)
PMAG FOV ½" Sensor PMAG FOV ½" Sensor PMAG FOV ½" Sensor
R-1 #55-905 0.75X 8.5mm 1.875X 3.4mm 3.75X 1.71mm
R-2 #55-906 1.0X 6.4mm 2.5X 2.56mm 5X 1.28mm
R-3 #55-907 1.25X 5.12mm 3.125X 2.05mm 6.25X 1.02mm
R-4 #55-908 1.75X 3.66mm 4.375X 1.46mm 8.75X 0.73mm
R-200 #58-442 2.0X 3.2mm 5X 1.28mm 10X 0.64mm
R-5 #55-909 2.25X 2.84mm 5.625X 1.14mm 11.25X 0.57mm
R-6 #55-910 3.3X 1.94mm 8.25X 0.78mm 16.5X 0.39mm