Metaphase Technologies Collimated LED Backlights

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Metaphase Technologies Collimated LED Backlight

  • Collimated Light Source for Precision Silhouetting Applications
  • Beam Angle 12 Degrees in Both X and Y Axes
  • Low Divergence Angles Compared to Non-Collimated Backlights

Metaphase Technologies Collimated LED Backlights are high performance, uniform, collimated light sources for precision silhouetting applications. Unlike standard backlights with diffuse illumination angles, these backlights have collimated light rays in both the X and Y dimensions. The light rays exit the backlight at a low divergence angles (+/- 24 degrees) compared to non-collimated backlights, which helps improve edge contrast. When used in conjunction with a telecentric imaging lens, Metaphase Technologies Collimated LED Backlights are ideal for applications such as object and defect inspection. Collimated backlights are also ideal for space limited measurement applications, unlike Telecentric Illuminators with highly collimated light rays which can be large and cost restrictive.