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LT Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses

TECHSPEC® LT Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses

TECHSPEC® LT Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses 12mm FL Front, #14-361 12mm FL Back, #14-361 16mm FL Front, #14-362 +2
  • 1.1" Sensor, C-Mount Lens, up to 12 MegaPixels, 3.45µm Pixel Size Sensor
  • Integrated Liquid Lens Allows for Dynamic Autofocus
  • Liquid Tunable (LT) Lens Maximizes the Liquid Lens Capabilities for Resolution, Range and Focus Speed
  • 12 to 25mm Focal Length

TECHSPEC® LT Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses feature a high-resolution f/2.8 optical design with an integrated Optotune liquid lens for fast electronic focus. The increased light throughput f/2.8 aperture is ideal for high-speed machine vision applications. When combined with an appropriate camera and software, the focus tunable liquid lens provides the active focus control needed to achieve an autofocus solution. These C-Mount lenses are optimized for 1.1” sensors and have front filter threading to integrate imaging filters to meet application requirements. TECHSPEC® LT Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses are ideal for machine vision and factory automation applications where focusing at multiple distances is required, such as quality inspection systems, rapid automation, and package sorting. The TECHSPEC® LT Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses won the Gold-Level 2021 Vision Systems Design Innovators Award and third place 2021 reader's choice inspect Award.

Note: Hirose cables (2 length options) and Lens Driver are required for operation and sold separately.

Technical Information

Focal Length Stock No. (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (F) (G) (H) (I) (J)
12mm #14-361 71.5 50.0 70.3 4.0 36.0 C-Mount 36.0 46.5 69.75 5.01
16mm #14-362 75.0 57.0 85.1 4.0 36.0 C-Mount 34.5 47.0 70.0 -
25mm #14-363 78.5 64.0 95.5 4.0 36.0 C-Mount 40.0 47.0 70.0 -