Laser-Line™ Safety Eyewear Series

YAG & 800nm Diode XC, Laser Line, #36-934

YAG & 800nm Diode XC, Laser Line, #36-934 CO<sub>2</sub> Goggle, Laser Line, #36-931 CO<sub>2</sub> Encore Style, Laser Line, #36-932 LOTG® Wrap-Around Spectacle +5
  • Ideal for 5mW Max. Output Power
  • Designed for Multiple Laser Types
  • Allows Viewing Beam
  • Do Not Use In Place of Full Protective Filters

Laser-Line™ Safety Eyewear is designed to provide protection from continual exposure to diffused beam reflections while still allowing the user to see the beam at contact. They are recommended for use with alignment lasers with a maximum output power of 5mW. This series should never be used or confused with full protective filters such as the Laser-Gard® series which block the beam entirely.

Each goggle and spectacle is color coded and clearly stamped with the type of laser beam against which it protects and the attenuation density provided. All eyewear are ANSI Z136.1 certified. All CE-marked eyewear are also certified to EN58215, EN207/EN208.

Note: Colors shown in photos are representative. For individual eyewear color, please see Specifications.


  • Soft Body Conforms to Facial Characteristics
  • Wide Angle Lenses Provide Excellent Peripheral Vision
  • Designed to Fit Over Prescription Eyewear


  • Stylish, Comfortable, Lightweight Eyewear
  • Adjustable, Padded Temples
  • Conforms Closely to Forehead which Prevents Laser Radiation from Entering the Top and Sides


(LOTG® eyewear not available for sale in Europe, we recommend LGF for European customers.)

  • Fits Comfortably Over Most Prescription Eyewear
  • Scratch-Resistant Coating
  • Comfortable, Lightweight Design
  • Large Protective Area with Unrestricted Wide-Angle Viewing


  • Detachable Prescription Insert
  • Superior Coverage and Peripherial Vision from Dual 9-Base Wrap-Around Lens
  • Comfortable, Multi-Material Technology Cushions Every Point of Contact with the Face

Warning: Because of this potential for eye damage, the degree of protection required in each circumstance should be determined by the Laser Safety Officer, the industrial hygienist, or the individual responsible for the safety program.