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ITO Coated EMI Shielded Plastic Windows

  • >84% Visible Light Transmission
  • Reflects Infrared While Transmitting Visible
  • 49dB Shielding Effectiveness

ITO Coated EMI Shielded Plastic Windows offer the properties of a hot mirror transmitting >84% of visible light while reflecting 75% of wavelengths >1400nm. They provide excellent optical clarity and image reproduction. These EMI shielded windows are suitable for displays requiring 8Ω EMI radiation shielding. A front anti-reflection (AR) coating decreases unnecessary glare and reflection while a rear clear, hard coating increases durability. ITO Coated EMI Shielded Plastic Windows are ideal for indoor and outdoor use including display protection and test instrumentation.

To prevent interference and image distortion, electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielded windows are used to decrease EMI while maintaining a high level of optical clarity. Utilizing a coating of indium tin oxide (ITO), a conductive solid solution optically transparent to the visible spectrum but reflective of the infrared, ITO Coated EMI Shielded Plastic Windows guard against the image-degrading effects of EMI, thereby preserving optimum image reproduction.

The plastic substrate creates a durable window highly resistant to scratches, chemicals, and impact, yet lightweight and easily maintained. A silver busbar surrounding the circumference of the windows provide flexibility in window positioning and maximize electrical current while providing continuous protection from EMI. Combined with ITO’s high heat resistance, ITO Coated EMI Shielded Plastic Windows are an excellent choice for harsh environments.