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InGaAs NIR Spectrometer

  • Wide Spectral Response Ranges
  • High Resolution, Sensitivity, and Dynamic Range
  • Thermo-Electric Cooling (TEC) for Low Dark Noise
  • UV and Visible Spectrometers Also Available

InGaAs NIR Spectrometers offer high sensitivity and dynamic range and utilize high performance linear InGaAs sensors with thermo-electric cooling (TEC) to achieve low dark noise for demanding NIR applications. Each spectrometer features an SMA905 termination for fiber optic input with high speed USB 2.0 readout and auxiliary GPIO ports. With configurable sensor operation modes and integration times of 200μs to greater than 64sec, these NIR spectrometers can detect even the weakest infrared signals. Typical applications include chemometrics and absorption spectroscopy, chemical, mineral and moisture analysis, telecommunication, laser characterization, coarse ellipsometry, produce inspection, and defense.

InGaAs NIR Spectrometers come complete with data acquisition software. The software provides functions of single or continuous data acquisitions in raw, dark subtracted, transmission/reflectance and absorbance modes, as well as advanced features such as timeline recording, data smoothing, background subtraction, peak analysis and much more.