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Miniature Screw Drive Stages

  • 8-32 or M4 Mounting Options Available
  • Up to 19mm of Linear Travel
  • Three-Start Screw Drive and Precision Lapped Surfaces for Smooth, Accurate Movement

Miniature Screw Drive Stages feature a worm gear drive that allows up to 19mm of stable travel. Brass and steel construction allow for increased load capacity, while precision lapped surfaces yield a smooth and accurate movement. Offered with two 8-32 or M4 mounting holes on the top and bottom surfaces, these stages are easily integrated into any experimental or OEM application. Miniature Screw Drive Stages feature a three-start screw drive allowing the stage to travel 3mm for every knob rotation while maintaining precise and consistent adjustability. These stages have a load capacity of 3kg both horizontally and vertically.