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Hamamatsu Optical Blocks and Photomultiplier Tube Accessories

  • Optics Designed for Low-Light Applications
  • No Alignment Required
  • Easy to Attach and Detach

Choosing the proper detector for a light gathering application is often an easier task than the setup and alignment of the supporting optical and mechanical systems. Hamamatsu’s Optical Block product line simplifies this by integrating optics into housings that connect directly to their 8mm PMT series and their Photon Counting Units. All Optical Blocks are designed to eliminate stray light with patented V-groove interface. Joint interfaces are secured with easy-to-use thumbscrews. The FC fiber adapter has a female FC connector and accepts a maximum 125μm clad diameter. One detector interface is required for each PMT/Photon Counter interface.

Universal Filter Holder Accepts filter diameters 12.5 to 15mm with edge thicknesses ranging from 2.5mm to 5mm. The Clear aperture for the Filter Holder is 9mm. Use the blue reflective dichroic beamsplitter to reflect blue and transmit green/red. The green reflective dichroic beamsplitter reflects green and transmits red wavelengths.

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