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Gaussian Reflectivity Mirrors

35% Center Reflectivity, Gaussian Mirror, #37-913

35% Center Reflectivity, Gaussian Mirror, #37-913

  • Favors Reflections of the Fundamental Mode within a Laser Cavity
  • Gaussian Reflectivity Profile Over the Central 4mm Aperture
  • Central Reflectivity from 15% up to 35%

Gaussian Reflectivity Mirrors, also known as Variable Reflectivity Mirrors, are commonly used to improve beam profile and quality in non-stable resonators. The variable reflectivity of the mirror is a function of the radial distance from the center, with the highest reflectivity values found in the center. These variable reflectivity mirrors provide better modal discrimination and favor the oscillation of the fundamental mode over higher order modes. Gaussian Reflectivity Mirrors feature a diminishing reflectivity profile that leads to a decrease of ripples in the field profile, therefore reducing the likelihood of optical damage when used with high intensity laser systems.

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