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Fiber Optic Image Conduits

  • Fused Glass Optical Fiber Rods with Ground and Polished Faces
  • Coherent Arrangement of Fibers Relays Images
  • Rigid Rods Bend Under Heat to Almost Any Orientation

Fiber Optic Image Conduits transmit images from one polished face to the other and can be used straight or bent to fit space requirements without loss of light transmission. These conduits are fused glass optical fiber rods with ground and polished faces. These Fiber Optic Image Conduits can be bent by heating evenly over a Bunsen burner or in a glass oven while applying pressure and are ideal for fiber optic imaging. Fiber Optic Image Conduits’ coherent arrangement of fibers relays images. The conduits are available in standard or high resolution, in a variety of different lengths.