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Fiber-Lite® Illuminator System

  • High Intensity Cold Light
  • Precise Positioning with Safe, Comfortable Handling
  • Included 0.46" Diameter x 26" Length Gooseneck Fiber Optic Light Guide

Created to replace standard stereo-microscope illuminators and offer equal or better light levels, this unit provides even illumination with the lens at a 3-inch working distance and is suitable for up to 20X magnification. Convection cooled, resulting in quiet, vibration-free operation. Self-supporting 26-inch gooseneck fiber optic can be used independently, or in conjunction with stereo-microscope lamp ports for incident and transmitted illumination.

The cold light system results in 95% reduction of heat per footcandle of light, making it ideal for temperature-critical applications. The fiber optic light guide features safe, comfortable handling at ambient temperature to allow for safe adjustment and positioning at all times. Also, precise positioning is achieved through the gooseneck which provides unlimited multi-positioning for reduced axial glare, eye strain and fatigue.

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