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Fiber-Coupled Optical Receiver Modules

  • High Sensitivity and Overload Power with Wide Dynamic Range
  • Designed for Bandwidths of 3MHz and 120MHz and Wavelength Ranges of 1310 – 1550nm
  • Ideal for Biomedical, Industrial, or Telecommunication Optical Sensor Systems

Fiber-Coupled Optical Receiver Modules are ideal for use in biomedical optical sensor systems or for industrial and telecommunication sensing applications. Fiber-Coupled Optical Receiver Modules feature high sensitivity and high overload power, in addition to wide dynamic ranges. These receiver modules are designed for use in common telecommunication wavelength ranges.

Technical Information

Pin Assignments
Pin Function
1 -5V detector bias
2, 6, 9, 11 No connection
12, 13, 14 No connection
3, 5, 8 Ground
4 -5V (LDFR = NC)
7 Output
10 +5V