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Fiber-Coupled Laser Combiners

Three Port Combiner

Three Port Combiner Two Port Combiner
Three Port Combiner
  • Two or Three-Port Combiners Available
  • Compact Design for Easy System Integration
  • High Peak Optical Powers

Fiber-Coupled Laser Combiners are an easy-to-use means for combining multiple fiber-coupled laser sources. Fiber-Coupled Laser Combiners allow multiple laser inputs to be combined into a single laser output. Both two-port and three-port options include 1310nm and 1350nm lasers, while the three-port also includes a visible 650nm laser for ease of alignment. These laser combiners are ideal for a variety of applications, including OTDR instrumentation, spectroscopy, photon counting, or optical sensing.

Note: The three-port laser combiner includes a 650nm red laser for verifying proper alignment.