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Edmund E-Zoom

E-Zoom Basic Stand, #33-199

E-Zoom Basic Stand, #33-199
  • 4.3:1 or 6.3:1 Zoom Ratios
  • Long Working Distance
  • Trinocular Version Available

The Edmund E-Zoom series of Stereo Zoom Microscopes offer an ergonomic design and excellent performance at an incredible price. Designed to withstand the rigors of the factory floor environment, these microscopes are ideal as well for laboratory or production applications. The rugged housing has been sealed to prevent contaminants such as dust, oil, and water from interfering with the microscope’s performance. Likewise, the unique design allows for use in hot and humid environments without fear of mold. Assembling or inspecting electronic components also is no problem, as electricity is dissipated almost immediately, preventing electrostatic discharge from damaging sensitive samples.

Note: Clearance stock numbers have been discontinued. For the closest replacement, please contact us.

Technical Information

Microscope Working Distance
WF 10X Eyepieces
WF 15X Eyepieces
WF 20X Eyepieces
E-Zoom4 97mm 7.0X to 30X 25.7 to 6.0mm 11X to 45X 20.0 to 4.7mm 14X to 60X 15.7 to 3.7mm
  With 0.5X Supplemental Lens 160mm 3.5X to 15X 51.4 to 12.0mm 5.2X to 23X 40.0 to 9.4mm 7.0X to 30X 31.4 to 7.4mm
  With 2.0X Supplemental Lens 50mm 15X to 60X 12.8 to 3.0mm 21X to 90X 10.0 to 2.3mm 28X to 120X 7.9 to 1.8mm
E-Zoom6 115mm 8.0X to 50X 27.5 to 4.4mm 12X to 75X 20.0 to 3.2mm5 16X to 100X 15.6 to 2.5mm
  With 0.5X Supplemental Lens 211mm 4.0X to 25X 55.0 to 8.8mm 6.0X to 38X 40.0 to 6.4mm 8.0X to 50X 31.2 to 5.0mm
  With 2.0X Supplemental Lens 43.5mm 16X to 100X 13.8 to 2.2mm 24X to 150X 10.0 to 1.6mm 32X to 200X 7.8 to 1.3mm