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Dual Axis Galvanometer Scanning System

Dual Axis Galvanometer Scanning System
Dual Axis Galvanometer Scanning System Controller

Dual Axis Galvanometer Scanning System

Dual Axis Galvanometer Scanning System Controller

  • Superior Precision and Accuracy
  • Complete Bundle of Required Components
  • Compact Form Factor to Facilitate OEM Integration

Dual Axis Galvanometer Scanning Systems are designed for precision laser beam control within a broad range of medical, scientific, and industrial applications. The dual scanners feature precision servo drivers and superior detector technology to enable high positional accuracy and processing speeds while maximizing scanning throughput. Dual Axis Galvanometer Scanning Systems include all required components for operation, including a scanner controller, power supplies, communication cables, and control software. The intuitive software offers an easy-to-use graphical user interface to create laser scanning jobs, import and edit standard file formats, control job structures, connect to databases, and create countless complex design configurations.

Technical Information

Dual Axis Galvanometer Scanning System Specifications
Dual Axis Galvanometer Scanner
Mirror Aperture 7mm
Mirror Coating Protected Silver
Scan Angle ±20°
Typical Marking Speed (m/s) 4.0
Typical Write Speed (cps) 1100
Step Response (μsec) 185
Repeatability (μrad) 20
Command Resolution 16-bit
Long Term Drift Offset: <200 μrad
Scale: <200 ppm
Thermal Drift Offset: <25 μrad/°C
Scale: <50 ppm/°C
Construction Enclosed
Weight (lbs) 5.95
Scanner Control Board
Control Scheme Vector Based
Communication Protocol 16-bit XY2-100 - standard status codes
System Communication Ethernet
Application Programming Interface ScanMaster API (.NET)
ScanMaster Designer
Dimensions (inches) 6.9 x 4.0
Operating Systems Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit
Weight (lbs) 0.3
Cable Length
Dual Axis Scanner Power Cable (M) 3
Scanner Controller Board Power Cable (M) 1
Scanner Controller to Scanner Communication Cable (M) 3
Ethernet Cable (M) 5
Power Supply
Output Voltage (VDC) 15
Output Amps (max) 10
Ripple/Noise pp,typ (mv) 100
Construction Enclosed
Weight (lbs) 1.37

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