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Class IV High Power Fiber-Coupled Laser Systems

  • Class IV High Power Compact, Turnkey Designs
  • Visible and Infrared Wavelengths
  • TEC and Forced Air Cooling
  • Low Power Fiber Coupled Laser Systems Also Available

Class IV High Power Fiber-Coupled Laser Systems are complete, stand-alone systems that incorporate a high brightness glass fiber coupled to a laser diode. Each system includes an embedded thermoelectric cooler, heatsink, fan, power supply, and component electronics, in addition to an external TTL modulation port (BNC connector). Class IV High power systems can provide up to 5W of continuous output power from 445nm to 1064nm. Fiber-Coupled Laser Systems are ideal for a range of life sciences and industrial applications including fluorescence, heat treating, and plastic welding. For applications requiring an intense, non-contact heat source, an optional AR coated aspheric collimating lens assembly can be attached to the end of the fiber using an SMA 905 connector and project intense spots as small as 0.33mm in diameter.

Note: Stated maximum output power is at fiber tip face. All units are sealed in a box and the diode-fiber interface are not accessible. The fiber pigtail at the laser interface is not removable.

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