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Broadband Fiber-Coupled Light Sources

5W Tungsten Lamp Source (VIS-NIR Range), #56-171

5W Tungsten Lamp Source (VIS-NIR Range), #56-171 30W Deuterium / 5W Tungsten Lamp, #87-300 3W Deuterium/3W Tungsten Lamp Source (UV-VIS-NIR Range), #57-055 Pulsed Xenon Light Source, #58-656
  • Designed for Use with Spectrometers
  • Lamps Available for UV to NIR
  • Xenon, Tungsten, or Deuterium Sources

Broadband Fiber-Coupled Light Sources are ideal for use in a variety of spectroscopy applications and for coupling with the Fiber Optic Reflectance Sphere. The pulsed Xenon source is designed for applications from the UV to visible. The Tungsten source is designed for applications in the visible to NIR. The Deuterium/Tungsten source is ideal for applications requiring wide spectral ranges from the UV to NIR.

Technical Information