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Beam Twisters™

  • Provide 90° Rotation of Laser Bar Beams
  • Assembly of Fast Axis Collimator Lens and Beam Rotation Lens Array
  • Greater than 97% Transmission

Beam Twisters™ are used to rotate the beams emitted by the individual diodes within a laser bar by 90°. When light is initially emitted from a laser bar, the light appears to be in the shape of a line. After passing through a Beam Twister, the 90° rotation transforms the laser bar’s light emission into a square-like appearance. A square is advantageous to a line because it allows the beam to be focused into a spot for use with fiber optics or other beam delivery systems. The Beam Twister assembly consists of a fast axis collimator and a rotation array that have been preassembled for use.

Note: Beam Twisters should be paired with a Slow Axis Collimator (sold separately) for complete collimation of the laser beam.

Laser Optics

Technical Information

Compatible Laser Bar Parameters
Wavelength800 - 980nm
Divergence Angle of Laser Diode
  Fast Axis≤60° @ FW 1/e2
  Slow Axis≤11° @ FW 1/e2
Output Power<200W @ 25°C in heat sink
Over/Underhang of the Bar-0/+50μm