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ISP Optics AMTIR-1 Windows

AMTIR-1 Windows

  • Transmission from 750nm - 14μm
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance to Acids
  • Low Index of Refraction

ISP Optics AMTIR-1 (Amorphous Material Transmitting Infrared Radiation) Windows are constructed from a chalcogenide material, Ge33As12Se55, and transmit infrared light from 750nm to 14μm. AMTIR-1 is water insoluble and has excellent chemical resistance to acids, enabling these windows to be used in harsh environments as protective windows. Compared to germanium windows, these windows have a lower index of refraction and do not experience thermal runaway, allowing for their use uncoated and in elevated temperatures up to 300°C. ISP Optics AMTIR-1 Windows are ideal for use in infrared imaging systems, non-contact temperature measurement systems, forward-looking infrared (FLIR) cameras, and low power infrared laser systems.