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AdlOptica aplanoXX Aplan Objectives

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AdlOptica aplanoXX Aplan Objectives compensate for spherical aberration and coma when focusing into glass, sapphire, silicon carbide, silicon, PMMA, and other transparent materials at depths up to 4mm. These objectives are designed to be used with ultrafast solid-state and fiber lasers and are optimized for 800nm (Ti:sapphire) and 1030nm (Yb:doped). Featuring C-Mount threading and an optical design insensitive to misalignment, these objectives are easy to integrate into laser systems. AdlOptica aplanoXX Aplan Objectives are ideal for micromachining glass, 3D nanofabrication, waveguide recording, and selective laser etching. A collar on the objective allows for manual adjustment of focus and a replaceable front window protects from debris during materials processing.