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X-Y-Z Positioning Movement

50mm Diameter, X-Y-Z Positioning Movement, #03-607

50mm Diameter, X-Y-Z Positioning Movement, #03-607
  • 50mm Diameter Optical Mount
  • Includes Durable Mounting Base
  • Helical Rack and Pinion Drive Mechanism

The X-Y-Z Positioning Movement allows for exact positioning in the vertical, horizontal, and depth planes. The precise helical rack and pinion design gives this component the accuracy, durability, and travel required for optical system integration. The mechanism’s 50mm inner dia. x 23.5mm thick mounting ring is ideal for holding cylindrical lasers, mounted corner cubes, etc. The X-Y-Z Positioning Movement ring mount assembles quickly with a Phillips screwdriver (not included). The optional ¼-20 adapter plate accessory allows additional component mounting. This mechanism weighs 2.7 lbs. 

¼-20 Adapter Plate Accessory (#54-491)

This item is used in conjunction with the X-Y-Z Positioning Movement (#03-607). This adapter plate accessory permits the positioning of mounting components to the stage and replaces the existing mounting ring attached to #03-607, which includes two M3 socket head cap screws to allow for mounting ¼-20 Plate Accessory #54-491.