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SugarCUBE™ Ultra LED Illuminator

SugarCUBE™ Ultra LED Illuminator

  • Ultra High Intensity White LED Fiber Optic Illuminator
  • Direct Replacement for 150W Halogen Illuminators
  • More than 60,000 Hour LED Lifetime

The SugarCUBE™ Ultra LED Illuminator has an output greater than 4000 lumens and 9800mW. This white LED illuminator is an ideal replacement for standard halogen illuminators as it lasts up to 60 times longer than halogen bulbs and never needs to be replaced. The SugarCUBE™ Ultra LED Illuminator is controllable manually through a control panel on the front of the unit or via RS-232 for easy integration into computer controlled systems. Optional easy-to-operate software is also available. A fiber optic adapter is required to connect a light guide to the illuminator. To maximize the brightness of the ultra-white illuminator, we recommend using a ½" diameter or larger fiber optic liquid light guide.

Note: This illuminator can get very hot, please only use light guides rated for high temperatures. If using standard light guides, it is not recommended to go above 50% intensity.

Technical Information

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