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Schneider Compact VIS-NIR Lenses

Schneider Compact VIS-NIR Lenses

Schneider Compact VIS-NIR Lenses

  • Supports Large Sensors Sizes (2/3" to 4/3" Sensor Formats)
  • Spectral Range of 400-1000nm
  • Compact Physical Size
  • Large Maximum Aperture

Designed to accommodate up to a 2/3" sensor, Schneider’s Color Corrected VIS-NIR lenses do not need to be refocused when switching between 400-700nm (VIS) and 700-1000nm (NIR). These lenses can be used over the complete spectral sensitivity range without a focus difference. Schneider’s Standard VIS-NIR lenses can accommodate up to a 4/3" sensor (22mm image circle) but will need to be refocused when switching between VIS and NIR wavelengths.

Both series of lenses feature a robust mechanical design, lockable focus, lockable iris, and filter mount threads, making them ideal for typical industrial settings. The optical design is an excellent match for high pixel depth cameras. Their excellent optical performance over the entire working distance range corresponds perfectly to the capabilities of high resolution sensors.

Note: Lenses with M62 x 0.75 filter thread require #59-825 filter thread adapter.

Technical Information

Color Corrected VIS-NIR Lens Dimensions
Stock No. A B C D
#59-819 41mm 6.3mm 2.8mm 37.3mm
#64-764 44.6mm 3.75mm 1.9mm 37.3mm
#56-533 32.4mm 5.1mm 0.9mm 31.5mm
#56-534 42.6mm 5.9mm 0.9mm 31.5mm
#56-535 33.4mm 4.4mm 12.4mm 31.5mm
#56-536 36.6mm 3.8mm 7.9mm 31.5mm
#56-537 34.7mm 3.8mm 2.3mm 31.5mm
#59-820 74mm 3.8mm 4.3mm 42mm

Standard VIS-NIR Lens Dimensions
Stock No. A B C D
#59-821 46.1mm 4.1mm 0.3mm 37.3mm
#59-822 41mm 3.8mm 2.5mm 31.5mm
#59-823 34.2mm 3.8mm 12.4mm 31.5mm
#59-824 48.9mm 3.8mm 2.7mm 31.5mm

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