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Precision Spherical Ultraviolet (UV) Mirrors

  • 120nm and 190nm Design Wavelengths
  • Ideal for Focusing VUV or DUV Light
  • Broadband Reflectivity through the Visible and IR
  • Also Available as Precision Flat Mirrors

TECHSPEC® Precision Spherical Ultraviolet (UV) Mirrors feature Enhanced Deep UV (DUV) or Vacuum UV (VUV) enhanced metallic coatings on high precision concave laser mirror substrates. The VUV coating is designed for peak reflectivity at 120nm and the Enhanced DUV coating at 190nm; both coatings provide similar reflectivity to standard enhanced aluminum coatings outside of UV wavelengths. These coatings are vacuum compatible down to 10-7 Torr and are deposited on fused silica substrates, providing excellent resistance to temperature fluctuations. TECHSPEC® Precision Spherical Ultraviolet (UV) Mirrors are ideal for use in DUV spectrophotometers, inductively coupled plasma (ICP) spectrophotometers, or other VUV/UV-based analytical applications. 

Note: These enhanced metallic coatings are relatively soft and can be easily damaged by fingerprints and aerosols.