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Optotune Laser Speckle Reducers | Edmund Optics
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Optotune Laser Speckle Reducers

  • Ideal for Eliminating Laser Speckle Noise
  • Plug and Play with Integrated Drive Electronics
  • 6 - 24 Degree Diffusing Angles Available

Optotune Laser Speckle Reducers remove local interferences and significantly reduce speckle noise in laser systems by dynamically diffusing the laser beam. Offering a compact size, integrated drive electronics, and vibration-less speckle reduction, Optotune Laser Speckle Reducers are ideal for beam homogenization, 3D scanning, metrology, microscopy, and interferometry.

Four electro-active polymers selectively move each Optotune Laser Speckle Reducers’ central diffuser along the X and Y axes, forming a circular pattern of motion. In doing so, Optotune Laser Speckle Reducers adjust the laser speckle pattern so that it appears as a uniform distribution of light. For maximum laser speckle reduction, position Optotune Laser Speckle Reducers perpendicular to the laser beam, and utilize a collimated laser source with a beam diameter equivalent to the Optotune Laser Speckle Reducers’ clear aperture.

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