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Nikon Tube Lenses and Accessories

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Filter Cube for Nikon Microscopes

Filter Cube for Nikon Microscopes

Filter Cube for Nikon Microscopes #58-520 Nikon Tube Lens to C-Mount Holder (#11-150) C-Mount to Nikon (M25) Adapter (#11-148)
  • Filter Cube Accepts 25mm Diameter Filters or Features Pre-Mounted Fluorescence Filter Sets for Nikon Microscopes
  •  Tube Lens for Nikon Infinity Corrected Objectives
  • Adapter and Tube Lens Holder for C-Mount

Nikon Accessories are specifically designed for use with Nikon microscopes or objectives.

The Empty Filter Cube (#87-304) can accept Unmounted Fluorescence Filter Kits for common fluorophores for fluorescence microscopy applications, or can be customized with other 25mm diameter filters (see Microscopy Filters) to create your own setup. TECHSPEC® Pre-Mounted Fluorescence Filter Cube Sets (Stock Number with NKN) come pre-installed with Unmounted Fluorescence Filter Kits to facilitate integration into popular Nikon microscopes.

The Nikon 200mm Tube Lens (#58-520) can be used to focus light from the infinity corrected objective onto the image plane. For optimal performance, the distance between the tube lens and the objective’s shoulder should be kept within 100-200mm. This spacing allows accessories to be inserted in the optical path to accommodate specific needs. This tube lens can be integrated into C-Mount systems using the Nikon Tube Lens to C-Mount Holder (#11-150). The four socket head cap screws must be removed to place the tube lens within the Nikon Tube Lens to C-Mount Holder.

TECHSPEC® C-Mount to Nikon (M25) Adapter (#11-148) is used to integrate Nikon microscope objectives into C-Mount systems. This adapter features female thread in Nikon’s thread type (M25 x 0.75). A black anodized finish increases the durability of the adapter, while also reducing stray light and reflections within the system. TECHSPEC® C and T-Mount to Objective Adapters can be used to construct digital microscope systems by allowing microscope objectives to be integrated into digital camera systems.

Technical Information

  5X 10X 20X 50X 100X
A 29.0mm 29.0mm 29.0mm 30.0mm 30.0mm
B 36.3mm 42.4mm 40.9mm 48.9mm 55.4mm
C 20.0mm 17.0mm 22.5mm 21.5mm 21.5mm