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N-BK7 Corner Cube Retroreflectors

  • Incident Light is Reflected Back to the Source
  • Down to 3 Arcsecond Beam Deviation
  • Useful for Surveying and Alignment
  • Also Available Mounted

TECHSPEC® N-BK7 Corner Cube Retroreflectors are designed to reflect any ray or beam entering the prism face, regardless of the orientation of the prism, back onto itself. A mirror will do that only at the normal incidence. As a result, corner cube retroreflectors are useful where precision alignment is impossible or time-consuming. TECHSPEC® N-BK7 Corner Cube Retroreflectors are available with the dihedral surfaces either uncoated or coated with silver. The silver coating provides a larger acceptance angle while the uncoated option, which relies on total internal reflection, provides optimum reflectivity. The input face is available uncoated or coated with an antireflection coating optimized for either visible wavelengths or near infrared wavelengths, including 1064nm and 1550nm.

Laser Optics

Technical Information

A (mm) B (mm) Stock No. Uncoated Stock No. Silver Coated Stock No. Silver and VIS 0° Coated Stock No. Silver and NIR II Coated
7.16 6.1 #65-250 #43-305 #48-605 #12-488
12.7 10.16 #43-296 #45-202 #48-606 #12-489
25.4 19.05 #43-297 #45-187 #48-607 #12-490
38.1 29.21 #43-298 #45-189 #48-608 N/A
50.8 38.1 #43-299 #45-191 #48-609 N/A
63.5 48.26 #43-300 #48-593 #48-616 N/A
76.2 57.15 #43-301 #48-594 #48-617 N/A