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Multi-Frequency Grid Distortion Targets

  • For Calibration of Imaging Systems
  • Varying Spatial Frequency for Different Fields of View
  • NIST Certificate of Accuracy Included

Although distortion can often be troublesome in measurement applications, it is important to note that no information about the object is actually lost, but merely misplaced in the image. Using these targets, one can easily determine the precise amount of distortion present and back it out of measurements. The dot center can be located using blob (or centroid) analysis in measurement software. To accommodate the expanding variety of image analysis software and applications, we offer fixed frequency and variable frequency targets.

The fixed frequency targets are available in a variety of dot size/spacing combinations to complement our full line of imaging lenses. Select a target to cover your entire field of view while maintaining an adequate number of dots across the field, and an adequate number of pixels per dot. The 3 or 5 grids on the multi-frequency target scale down so that one target can be used for a variety of lenses and fields of view. Both types of targets are available in a chrome on glass or chrome on opal target to accommodate transmission or reflection based on applications respectively. Included in the packaging is a serialized NIST Traceable Certificate of Accuracy per MILSTD-45662A.

Technical Information

Target Tolerances
  Chrome on Glass and Chrome on Opal Targets
Placement of Square Arrays ±0.004mm
Dot Diameter ±0.0025mm
Dot Center to Center Spacing ±0.0025mm
Grid Corner to Corner Accuracy ±0.004mm
Target Dimensions
    A B C D E
3 Frequency Targets (#46-250, #58-774) Square Length (mm) 50.00mm 25.00mm 12.50mm N/A N/A
Dot Diameter (mm) 1.00mm 0.50mm 0.25mm N/A N/A
Dot Spacing (mm) 2.00mm 1.00mm 0.50mm N/A N/A
5 Frequency Targets (#64-864, #64-865) Square Length (mm) 50.00mm 34.00mm 20.00mm 10.00mm 5.00mm
Dot Diameter (mm) 1.00mm 0.50mm 0.25mm 0.125mm 0.0625mm
Dot Spacing (mm) 2.00mm 1.00mm 0.50mm 0.25mm 0.125mm