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Mounted UV Curing Light Sources

  • Up to 3.30W/cm2 UV Irradiance
  • 365nm Center Wavelength
  • Ideal for Automated Production Lines

Mounted UV Curing LED Light Sources provide 365nm adjustable UV irradiance up to 3.30W/cm2 and feature an integrated optical system to ensure high output power at large working distances. The mounted UV spot light comes with a standalone power supply and controller for easy benchtop operation as well as control over the light intensity and exposure time. In addition, this mounted UV spot light can be controlled directly with a programmable logic controller (PLC) which provides temperature monitoring, UV irradiance control, and insolation time control. Mounted UV Curing LED Light Sources are ideal for automated production lines across a wide range of applications and industries such as UV curing for coatings and resins on electronics, UV assembly and encapsulation of opto-electronics, and UV curing of glues in cosmetics manufacturing. M3 mounting holes on the compact 172 x 71 x71mm housing make for easy integration into production lines and OEM operations.