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Microscope Objective Nanopositioning System

  • 100μm Range of Motion
  • 1.5nm High Resolution Positioning
  • Interchangeable Quick Mount Adapters

The Microscope Objective Nanopositioning System is a piezo driven, flexure guided, nanopositioning focusing element system. Combining 100μm of travel with low off-axis motion, the nanopositioning piezo actuator ensures stable microscope images throughout the entire range of motion. RMS, M25, and M26 quick mount adapters set thread directly into the microscope turret and provide a stable mounting surface for the nanopositioning actuator.

Note: Nanopositioning piezo actuator (required), USB controller (required), and quick mount adapters (at least one required) are sold separately.

The EO-Drive controller connects directly to any USB port on a Windows® (XP, Vista, Windows 7) compatible computer, and provides high resolution, 16-bit control of the lens motion. Software drivers, LabVIEW™ examples, and a LabVIEW™ tutorial are included. LabVIEW™ examples are open source, and can be used as a starting point in LabVIEW™ routines written for specialized imaging applications.