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Laser Diode/He-Ne Laser Projection Heads

  • Single Line, Crossline, Multi-Line, and Dot Matrix Types
  • Quick Installation
  • Ideal for Mounting Laser Diode Modules

These versatile laser diode projection heads are designed to be mounted onto our Modulated, Variable, and Synchro Output Laser Diode Modules and come in a variety of types: Single Line, Crossline, Multi-Line, and Dot Matrix. Installing projection heads is simple and quick, thanks to a smooth dovetail design, held in place with a set screw (allen wrench included).

That same dovetail design allows this matrix of optical projection heads to be connected to our extensive line of HeNe Lasers. The adapters have a male 1-32 TPI thread which is easily connected to the He-Ne laser using the appropriate Laser Bezel Mounting Plate. The focusable version has focusing optics and focusing tool included. Both adapters include locking ring and allen wrench for securing optical projection head in place.

Our selection of interchangeable beam shaping optics transforms the standard laser spot into various patterns. Using a patented Powell glass lens design to generate the line and crosshair patterns results in an impressive, even distribution along the length of the line, while offering excellent overall stability and line quality. These optics outperform cylindrical lenses that generate Gaussian beam profiles with hot spots and fading edges.