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Large PCX Condenser Lenses

  • Large Sizes Available – 100 to 250mm Diameter
  • Polished Surfaces for Superior Precision vs. Cast Optics
  • Wavelength Range of 350-2200nm

Large PCX Condenser Lenses are condenser lenses that concentrate light into a projected beam. They are used in projectors, enlargers, spotlights, and other projection and illumination applications. Our large condensers are available in sizes not available in our standard PCX lenses and are available in a variety of focal lengths. Combine two condenser lenses of the same focal length to produce a system with half the focal length of a single lens. Large PCX Condenser Lenses are available uncoated or with a MgF2 coating. These lenses feature a N-BK7 substrate and are offered in diameters ranging from 100 to 250mm.