ISP Optics Germanium (Ge) Meniscus Lenses

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  • Positive Meniscus Lens Designs
  • Minimize Spherical Aberration and Reduce Spot Sizes
  • Wavelength Range of 2 - 16μm

ISP Optics Germanium (Ge) Meniscus Lenses are convex-concave lenses designed to minimize spherical aberration and reduce spot sizes. Germanium provides even transmission through the mid-wave infrared (MWIR) and long-wave infrared (LWIR) spectra, making it ideal for applications including thermal imaging, remote sensing, and infrared spectroscopy. Due to thermal runaway, or the decrease in transmission as temperature increases, germanium optics should be used at temperatures below 100°C. ISP Optics Germanium (Ge) Meniscus Lenses are available with focal lengths ranging from 13 to 150mm in standard imperial sizes for easy integration into benchtop systems.