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Energetiq Fiber Coupled Laser-Driven Light Source

Energetiq Fiber Coupled Laser-Driven Light Source (Fiber not Included)

  • Ultra High Brightness with Broadband Spectral Output from 190 - 2500nm
  • Long Bulb Lifetime of >10,000 Hours
  • UV or Broadband Output Fiber Available with FC or SMA Terminations

The Energetiq Fiber-Coupled Laser-Driven Light Source (LDLS™) is a high brightness fiber-coupled light source with excellent spatial and power stability for repeatable high performance. This light source operates through focusing a laser onto a propriety bulb where a high-intensity plasma is generated, radiating light from 190 - 2500nm. The broad output of this light source makes it an ideal alternative to deuterium, tungsten, and xenon arc lamps, simplifying lab setups. The Energetiq Fiber Coupled LDLS™ is ideal for a range of applications including thin-film measurements, stray light testing, UV-NIR spectroscopy, optical component testing, and advanced imaging in life sciences. A fiber optic cable assembly is required for use and a sold separately; UV-VIS solarization-resistant and VIS-NIR broadband fiber optic cable assemblies are available.

Note: The Energetiq Fiber-Coupled LDLS™ should only be used with Energetiq fiber optic cable assemblies which are specially designed to withstand the high brightness of this light source. Nitrogen purge is optional but recommended for best performance, especially for applications operating in the UV.