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Compact Motorized Stages


#55-787 #53-674/#55-329 #55-330/#55-331/#55-332 #53-673/#55-328 +2
  • Standard and Heavy Load Capacity Stages Available
  • Rotary and Linear Movement
  • 25mm-138mm Linear Travel Ranges
  • Improved Resolution
  • Compact Design
  • Requires Computer Controller

Designed for applications where space is limited, our Motorized Stages offer high precision in a turn-key design. The 80 TPI lead screw provides smooth and accurate positioning while still allowing for quick positioning in the coarse mode. The Heavy Load Capacity series is ideal for objects up to 3kg. in weight and applications where longer travel is needed. Control unit sold separately.

Note: XZ Brackets can only be used with folded stages in the Z-axis position. XY brackets are not necessary for Heavy Load Extended stages. Heavy Load Extended stages come complete with mounting screws for XY configurations.

Technical Information

Travel Stage Type Fig
Stock No.
1" Micro Mini Extended A 4.40" 2.10" #53-673
1" Micro Mini Folded C 2.23" #53-674
2" Micro Mini Extended A 5.40" 3.10" #55-328
2" Micro Mini Folded C 3.23" #55-329
25mm High Torque Folded D 3.255" 3.795" 0.643 1.969" #55-787
78mm Heavy Load Extended B 168.68mm 213.13mm 45.00mm 62.12mm #55-330
108mm Heavy Load Extended B 198.68mm 243.13mm 60.00mm 77.12mm #55-331
138mm Heavy Load Extended B 228.68mm 273.13mm 75.00mm 92.12mm #55-332
360° Micro Mini Rotary F #53-672
360° Heavy Load Rotary E #55-327