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CobaltTL Telecentric Lenses

  • High Resolution Bi-Telecentric Lens with In-Line Illumination Options
  • Up to 20 MegaPixels, 2.2µm Pixel Size
  • 1.1", C-Mount Telecentric Lens with f/#'s as Low as f/4

TECHSPEC® CobaltTL Telecentric Lenses are designed for semiconductor and electronics inspection, measurement, and gauging applications. These telecentric lenses achieve high light throughput with industry leading low f/#s. Featuring less than 0.015° telecentricity and low 0.013% distortion, these lenses are ideal for image stitching applications. These 17.6mm diagonal sensor format lenses are compatible with the Sony IMX304 1.1” sensors and other similar format sensors such as the Sony IMX183. TECHSPEC® CobaltTL Telecentric Lenses produce unparalleled levels of contrast yielding maximum image quality with the highest degree of measurement accuracy. In-line versions provide the ability to rotate/reposition the inline illumination port to allow for maximum flexibility when machine building. TECHSPEC® CobaltTL Telecentric Lenses are compatible with high vibration environments and feature a removable recessed set screw for securely locking the iris in place.

Technical Information

Description Stock No. Length (A) Front Diameter (B) Back Diameter (C)
0.28X C-Mount #62-921 197.59mm 138.6mm 50mm
0.36X C-Mount #88-602 163.5mm 70mm 43.5mm
0.5X C-Mount #62-911 172.9mm 90mm 50mm
0.55X C-Mount #88-603 182.5mm 62mm 43.5mm
0.69X C-Mount #15-872 /              #15-873 (In-Line) 174.96mm 55mm 46mm
0.9X C-Mount #62-901 199.8mm 65mm 53mm