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Coherent® CO2 Beam Expanders

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CO<sub>2</sub> Beam Expanders

CO2 Beam Expanders

  • Designed for CO2 Laser Sources at 10.6μm
  • Compact Housing for Easy System Integration
  • Coherent® Infrared ZnSe Optical Elements

Coherent® CO2 Beam Expanders are designed to collimate and improve the energy distribution of high power CO2 laser beams. Featuring premier grade Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) optical elements from Coherent®, these beam expanders provide minimum beam deviation and greater than 99.4% transmission at 10.6μm. A high-efficiency anti-reflective coating on the ZnSe substrates results in reflectance less than 0.2% per surface and absorbance less than 0.1% per surface at 10.6μm. Coherent® CO2 Beam Expanders feature a compact housing design with M25 input threading for easy integration into CO2 laser systems. For additional expansion power options, please contact us.

Note: II-VI Incorporated is now Coherent Corp.