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Broadband Dielectric ZERODUR® λ/10 Mirrors

  • ZERODUR® Substrates Provide Near Zero Thermal Expansion
  • Enhanced Reflectivity and LDT over Metallic Coatings
  • UV, Visible, and NIR Reflective Coatings Designed for 0-45° AOI
  • Metallic Coated ZERODUR® Mirrors Also Available

TECHSPEC® Broadband Dielectric ZERODUR® λ/10 Mirrors combine high reflectivity over broad wavelength ranges with a near zero coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) making them ideal for laser applications where temperature fluctuations could impact optical performance. The ZERODUR® substrates have a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of ±0.10 x 10-6/°C, which is an order of magnitude lower than most glass types, including fused silica. Featuring coatings designed for 0-45° AOI and >99% average reflectivity, these dielectric coated mirrors provide higher reflectivity than metal coated mirrors, increasing system throughput by minimizing energy loss. TECHSPEC® Broadband Dielectric ZERODUR® λ/10 Mirrors are ideal for beam steering and beam folding applications from the UV to NIR, including fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, and laser communications.